Getting your strategies right

A good direct marketing strategy will drive a positive return on your marketing investment. But how do you create one?

The following items are the ones that keep marketers awake at night:

— Data

— Target and Media Allocation

— Capturing Attention and Relevance

— Easiness to Buy

— Tracking and Analytics

Marketers are very familiar with these five principles. What causes their insomnia is what they represent and how hard it is to successfully implement them in today’s marketplace.

At X1 we help marketers organise the above principles into 3 direct marketing campaign components and strategies:

1. A Targeting and Profiling Strategy that focuses on data. Through data analytics we’ll help you identify your target so you will not invest your marketing budgets with the wrong people. We will also help you profile your target so you can achieve a successful and relevant engagement.

2. A Target Engagement Strategy that focuses on capturing attention, relevance, media allocation and easiness to buy. We’ll write the copy and create the design to help you increase relevance and stand out from your competitors. We’ll study which media channels are the most appropriate to use at different times and which incentives could encourage your customers to buy more from you.

3. A Tracking and Analytics Strategy that focuses on campaign success, customer acquisition costs and future campaign improvements. We’ll help you retrieve the right information so it can be analysed and utilized to improve future campaigns and therefore improve return on investment.

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