Reusable and Personalised Marketing Products

Our UNIQUE point of sale (POS), presentation and branded products are geared towards helping build brand awareness and MAXIMISE marketing return on investment. These EYE CATCHING products are sustainable, cost efficient and will increase marketing relevance:

- They can be RE-USED time and time again. Simply replace the digitally printed inserts to change the marketing message and/or offer.

- PERSONALISE your printed inserts with the recipient names and other relevant information for a more effective targeted communication.

These products work well at events, exhibitions, training, offices, point of sale and other marketing activities. The most popular products are the Totem and Movie Presentation Folder (read more about them and watch a video below). For other multipurpose and personalised products download our latest brochure.

Chameleon Display Units

Chameleon Display Units are the perfect solution for eye catching consumer traffic. Also to guide visitors and attendants during events and exhibitions.

Their glossy display panels fold flat for transport, and can be easily assembled to produce stunning 360˚ graphics.

They can be re-used and re-purposed time and time again, using new inserts as required. They come in a variety of different sizes to fit your needs. And if we don’t have the size that you want we can create one just for you!

Watch this short video to see how they work...

e-Chameleon Display Units

e-chameleon Display Units are the perfect solution for eye-catching consumer traffic, or to guide visitors and attendees during events and exhibitions. The high-resolution electronic displays can be updated remotely, allowing you to keep your brand's message fresh.

Movie presentations in a personalised folder

The movie presentation folder will help you capture your best prospects' attention and/or impress your best customers. It will also help you in building your brand and keeping it uppermost in your customer’s minds.

This innovative marketing tool can be fully personalised with the recipient’s name and other relevant content to help you sell the unique value of your company.

The Movie Presentation Folder is the exact strategy to impress and capture the attention of special customers and/or prospects in a very personal way.

Watch this short video to see how it works...


Contact Tim Lance at or Tel: 01753 215325 for more information on this innovative range of products.