Thank your top customers in an enjoyable and memorable way and impress your best prospects so they’ll view you in a favourable light with a mailable box of luxury chocolates that can be fully personalised with your targets’ details and a relevant message.

A minimum order quantity is not required, but we do offer discounts on larger orders. For more information and/or to request a sample, call Tim Lance on 01753 215325 or email

P.S. The question “Why do we love chocolate?” was asked of Paul A. Young (Master Chocolatier) on a programme broadcast on BBC Two. He answered:

“It makes us really happy. It’s not just the sugar, it’s the feeling, the texture, the nostalgic reminiscence of childhood... hand anyone chocolate and they will smile.”

. . . . . . . . . .

This marketing tool supports our main business objective – helping our customers maximise their investment when they buy from us.