Web 2 Promotion

Do you need to better integrate and synchronize your marketing and sales channels?

Do you need to make it easier for them to improve and increase their promotional activities?

Do you need to quickly and seamlessly utilised your channels experience to increase the relevance of your marketing materials?

X1 has the facilities and technology to offer personalised internet ordering or Web-2-Promotion (W2P) of print and other marketing materials and merchandise such as promotional items.

Our online portal can be branded with your company's corporate image, allowing your sales and marketing authorised channels and employees to quickly and easily order what they need, when they need it, and from where ever they are office, home, or even while on the move, from smartphones and tablets.

It will allow authorised (you choose who) channels and employees to fine tune the printing marketing materials that they order to make it more relevant and effective for your brand.

We also offer strategic marketing consultation to help you get the most out of your Web-2-Promotion tool. We’ll make sure you successfully integrate your marketing and sales channels and get the best out of centralised and decentralised marketing.

To read a short article about the power of centralized and decentralized marketing click here

If you would you like to know more about W2P or require a demo call Tim Lance on 01753 215325 or email tim@x1.ltd.uk

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This marketing tool supports our main business objective – helping our customers maximise their investment when they buy from us.