X-Connect seamlessly integrates your print media (including packaging) with your online channels and campaigns via smartphones and other digital devices:

— Drive more sales and improve your customer experience by enabling an effective multi-channel engagement, while reducing printing and mailing costs.

— Effortlessly track campaigns, obtaining customer data and performing analytics to help you fine-tune future campaigns.

Unlike QR codes:

— X-Connect does not need to launch an application to be directed to a website.*

— No ugly bar code graphics to spoil the printing/marketing design.

— Campaigns can be tracked and analysed.

To see X-Connect in action, watch this short video.

Here are a few popular applications:

Advertising and promotions. Seamlessly integrate online and offline with tracking and analytics functionality to improve marketing results.

Events. Increase attendance and enhance experience. with invitations that open personalised listings or save alerts direct to a smartphone.

Stationery. Business cards can be scanned to open your website and/or add contact details directly to an address book.

Packaging. Intelligent packaging offers consumers an interactive, informative and helpful experience with your brand.

Labels & Stickers can be scanned either to win a prize or provide more information about a product.

We can work with you to incorporate added functionality to make your campaigns stand out from the competition.

For more information and/or to request a sample, contact Simran Gill on 01753 215333 or email simran@x1.ltd.uk

*Most Android-based devices, and iPhone XS, XS Max & XR

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This marketing tool supports our main business objective – helping our customers maximise their investment when they buy from us.